Frank Schulz Art – Portfolio und Shop

Nice to see you here. I would like to invite you to discover the world of my drawings – from sketches to acrylic paintings, watercolored drawings, plush figures or woodcuts. Click through and let yourself be surprised.


My motifs are often inspired by the life in the big city, because I love watching the people around me.

The realization of human characteristics as tiny sketch worlds is one of my favorite occupations. Crude and cute figures go hand in hand and the scenes are always impregnated with a lovingly spitefulness.

Often my inner feelings show up unfiltered on the sheet. Then the drawings in my sketchbooks bear the features of a psychoanalytic souls' view.


Do not miss my „Masterpieces Reloaded”. Here you will find my personal versions of famous masterpieces from the history of art.


You can find more information about the way I work or facts from my CV under the menu point INFO.


I wish you much fun discovering and if you like what I do, I am glad about a message from you or that you recommend my website further.